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Bob Justich St Francis College
Faculty | Senior Adjunct Lecturer; Chair of Franciscan Service Program

Bob Justich

Contact Information

[email protected]
Cell: 862-485-2605


B.A., Rutgers University
M.B.A., Rutgers University

Bob Justich is a senior adjunct lecturer at St. Francis College. His career in financial services includes senior positions with Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse Asset Management, and Times Square Capital Management.

His areas of expertise are portfolio management, macro strategy, fundamental research and trading. Bob’s experience includes management and advisory roles in global corporations and startups in the United States and Europe. He is currently conducting research on duration risk in sovereign debt, as global fixed-income markets enter a new interest rate regime. At Merrill Lynch and Times Square Capital Management, he was responsible for recruiting and mentoring interns.

Bob earned an M.B.A. in Finance and a B.A. in English from Rutgers University.

For more information, visit Bob's LinkedIn profile.

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