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Fotios Paliogiannis

Contact Information

[email protected]
Office: 718.489.5396
Room 4314


BS, University of Patras
Ph.D., City University of New York

Professor Paliogiannis received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the City University of New York in 1991. He was a Fellow of the Graduate School of the City University and he taught mathematics for several years at Hunter College-CUNY. In 1999, he joined the faculty of the mathematics department of St Francis College. Professor Paliogiannis has served as the Chairman and the mathematics advisor of the Department from 2002 to 2019. His field of specialization is Functional Analysis and Operator Theory. His articles have appeared in numerous journals such as the Journal of Operators (2015), Complex Analysis and Operator Theory (2014), Proceedings of Mathematical Sciences (Indian Acad. Sci.) (2013), International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (2008), Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (2003), Ricerche di Matematica (2002), Journal of Inst. of Mathematics and Comp. Sci. (Math Series) (2002), the Michigan Mathematical Journal (1999), the American Mathematical Monthly of MAA (1998), Rediconti del Circ. Matematico di Palermo (1995). Dr. Paliogiannis is a member of the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the New York Academy of Sciences.

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