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Earn Your Masters Degree in Professional Accounting

With flexible day and night classes, this program can quickly get professionals, young and old, on track for a new successful career in as few as four semesters. The ten-course, 34-credit program fulfills all requirements to sit for the CPA exam.

The Masters degree in Professional Accounting is designed for someone who has already earned a bachelor’s degree in fields like business management, finance, HR, IT, or marketing; and now wants to pursue graduate studies in accounting.

Accounting graduates land jobs at the Top 4 accounting firms.

This program enhances the already successful track record at St. Francis College for producing successful alumni. Our alumni work at all the major accounting firms. Some have been CEOs of major corporations (National Grid, Monster) while many have attained partner positions at CPA firms.

The two-year Master's Degree in Professional Accounting is aimed at anyone looking for a mid-career change or just looking to increase understanding of business practices from an accountant's perspective.

The program offers a mix of accounting theory and reporting, taxation, managerial accounting, ethics, systems, and auditing.

“This program is great for people who have earned business management or other college degrees and who have spent some time in the business world looking to gain valuable, new tools to re-enter the workforce as Accountants.” Dr. Carmine Nogara, Chair, Department of Accounting and Business Law.


Spring 2021

  • Priority Application Deadline: November 6th 
    • Guaranteed Priority Registration
    • 1:1 Appointment with Graduate Program Director Upon Enrollment
    • Limited Edition SFC Gear Upon Enrollment
  • Application Deadline (Standard): January 4th 

Fall 2021

  • Priority Application Deadline: March 5th 
    • Guaranteed Priority Registration
    • 1:1 Appointment with Graduate Program Director Upon Enrollment
    • Limited Edition SFC Gear Upon Enrollment
  • Application Deadline (Standard): August 6th

Additional Resources

Five Year Combined Bachelors & Masters Degree in Accounting (BS/MS)

If Accounting is your career choice, St. Francis College will take you there in just five years; from undergraduate to sitting for the CPA exam.

Graduates of this program are now working at Big Four Accounting firms as well as numerous regional and local accounting firms and other financial and not-for-profit institutions, including; PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, Deloitte, National Grid, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase and many others.

One way that many students find their first job is through the National Grid Scholarship and Internship, a program exclusively for Accounting Majors..

The College’s first class of graduate students received their degrees in the spring of 2008, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of St. Francis. Since then, the number of graduates has tripled in size and the program continues to attract highly qualified and motivated students.

This combined Bachelors and Masters Degree Program in Accounting meets all requirements for you to earn both degrees and to immediately sit for the CPA exam.


Please Note: This program is only available for undergraduate students and can not be entered after already receiving a Bachelors Degree.


For more information please contact the Office of Admissions today 718.489.5200 

Course Requirements and Suggested Programs

Course requirements and suggested (four and five semester) programs for the M.S. degree in Professional Accounting are presented below. Be sure you are aware of all course requirements as you move toward completion of your degree.