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Center for Student Success

Making the jump from high school to college, or from one college to another, can be a daunting experience but at St. Francis College, The Center for Student Success is here to make those transitions as smooth as possible.

As part of a comprehensive First-Year Experience program, it is our mission to improve the quality of students' college experiences by helping with everything from academics to personal issues, including guiding incoming students through the crucial social adjustment they will make during college life.

We provide academic advisement and guidance to all incoming students.

The Center for Student Success (CSS) provides advisement and guidance to all incoming students, including freshmen and transfer students. Working closely with the Academic Enhancement Center, the Center for Student Success strives to meet the changing needs of incoming students.

The freshman FYE program through the CSS includes:

  • Freshman Orientation, where students will receive their first semester SFC schedule
  • A mandatory Freshman Seminar course (SFC 1001) taught by a student's freshman academic advisor
  • Academic advisement and guidance
  • Various academic success workshops.

The transfer program through the CSS includes:

  • "Transfer Registration Days", where newly accepted transfer students can schedule an appointment to register for classes and review their transfer credit evaluation with an academic advisor.
  • Transfer Orientation Sessions for students to learn about important policies and procedures at SFC different than their previous institutions, as well as meet each other and interact with faculty and staff,
  • Social gatherings just for transfers, such as a start of semester welcome breakfast, Transfer Appreciation Week, and more.
  • Academic support throughout a transfer student’s first semester, including dedicated transfer academic advisors.
  • Academic advising workshops to help transfer students understand the requirements of SFC, such as how to understand their remaining degree credits, transfer credits, time management, and more.

Our work has been recognized nationally, the magazine, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, featured St. Francis College in an article on how city colleges help students stay in school.

Learn more about Freshman Orientation or Transfer Orientation to start your academic journey at SFC!


Freshman Seminar (SFC 1001)

SFC 1001 is a student success course designed for your first semester at St. Francis. This one credit mandatory course teaches you the important practical tools you need to be successful during your academic career.

Our Freshman Advisors guide the course to help you develop academic and study skills, and to teach you how to organize a successful academic plan as you work toward your bachelor's degree. SFC 1001 also supplies information on campus resources, assists in laying the groundwork for choosing your major and planning your career, eases the transition from high school to college, and generally helps you build a connection to the College, the campus and your fellow students.

A sampling of the Freshman Seminar course topics include:

  • College level Study Skills (note-taking, test-taking, textbook reading, memory, etc.)
  • Career Exploration
  • Academic Planning (including choosing a major)
  • Time Management
  • Goal-Setting
  • Opportunities & Resources Available at St. Francis
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management

Freshman First Semester at a Glance

April - May
Admitted Students Day and student placement testing events
June - August
Day long new student orientation events and course registration
Fall semester begins, including Freshman Seminar course (SFC 1001)
Midterm examinations
Advisement for Spring semester begins
Registration for the Spring and January Intersession courses
Final Examinations
End Fall Semester / Christmas Break

Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement for Freshmen
For freshmen, a student’s Freshman Seminar (SFC 1001) instructor also serves as their academic advisor during his/her first year. We feel a student’s interaction with an advisor is so important for educational planning that all freshmen students are required to meet regularly with their advisors to discuss their academic progress. During advisement periods in the Fall and Spring semesters, advisors help freshmen plan their courses for the next semester. Since each particular major has specific course requirements for a degree, the expertise of our freshman advisors is crucial to plan these first steps into academic life. Our academic advisors are always committed to giving students the personal attention they deserve, and strive to help the students design an academic program that suits their interests and needs

Academic Advisement for Transfer Students
At SFC, we feel very strongly about the importance of students meeting with their academic advisors. We understand that transfer students have a unique academic history different than other students, so our advisors do much more then help you track progress towards graduation. They are part of a supportive relationships within the school community and provide expertise in your major field of study.

  • Transfer students who enter the college with a declared major will be assigned a major advisor in their major department for advisement each semester.
  • Transfer students who enter the college as an undecided major, or who are considering multiple majors, will meet with a general academic advisor for advisement in the Center for Student Success until their confirm their major choice

To further assist transfer students with the advisement process during their first semester at SFC, the Center for Student Success (CSS) holds “Advisement Workshops for Transfer Students” to help new transfer students understand their role in the advisement and course registration process. Workshops are available online and in-person with CSS Transfer Advisors. Workshop topics include:

  • Policies and procedures for advisement and registration
  • How to prepare for your meeting with your advisor
  • Registering for the correct classes based on your transfer credits
  • How to access and read your Program Evaluation to track your progress towards graduation
  • Using WebAdvisor to register for classes

If you are a current student and wish to make an appointment with an advisor in The Center for Student Success, please visit:

Academic Success Resources

St. Francis College has developed a program called Removing Obstacles to Success (ROS) which provides students with a comprehensive support system of student success workshops, strength-based individual advisement, and peer counseling and aims at reaching students struggling academically or on academic probation. Students who fall into this vulnerable category are targeted to participate in the program in an effort to help build their academic skills and improve their GPA.

The program has significantly assisted students in recognizing obstacles and has proven successful in helping students achieve stronger academic progress.

ROS Workshops are required for students on academic probation, as well as students interested in getting the upper hand on their Academic Success.

The Removing Obstacles to Success program consists of:

1. Academic Success workshops on a variety of topics tailored to student needs (students must attend at least 2 sessions).

Workshops include but are not limited to the following topics:

    • Preparing for the start of a semester (getting organized)
    • Learning new study habits and strategies
    • Identifying your strengths and using those strengths to achieve success
    • Tips to manage time and limit distractions
    • Strategies on balancing school, work and other stressors
    • Choosing a major that suits you academically

2. One-on-one meetings with an academic advisor specializing in assisting students wanting to improve their GPA.

3. Connecting students to the following resources as needed:

    • Academic Enhancement
    • Career Center
    • Wellness Center
    • Academic department

Online Success Workshops

The Center for Student Success also offers Academic and Career Success Online workshops on topics such as: time management, study strategies, setting goals, and career exploration. These workshops are available 24/7 for FREE to all SFC students.

The workshops are sponsored by StudentLingo.

View workshops at

If you have any questions please speak with an advisor in the Center for Student Success.

Peer Mentorship

To help students make a smooth transition to St. Francis College, the Center for Student Success connects students with peer advisors. Peer advisors are successful upperclassmen who can provide new students with advice on how to connect to the vast array of opportunities available at the College, as well as provide insight by sharing their experiences. Peer advisors are available at Orientation and also visit the SFC 1001 freshman seminar courses and help students learn more about college sponsored academic and social activities.

Parent Information

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult for a family to know what they can do to help their new college student. We aim to help families as well as students through this transition process. Although student records are confidential, the advisors in the Center for Student Success are happy to answer family questions about procedures, policies and programs. Please contact us at 718-489-3443 and ask to speak with an advisor.

Center for Student Success Contact Information

Monica Michalski
Associate Dean for Student Success
Room 3001
Samantha Scott
Administrative Coordinator for the Center for Student Success
Room 3001
Christine Davis
Director, Center for Student Success
Room 3001
Anthony Desiderio
Assistant Director, Center for Student Success
Room 3001
Steven Boyarsky
Student Success Coordinator
Room 3001
Victoria Ford
Academic Advisor/Instructor
Room 3001
Nick Sulicki
Academic Advisor/Instructor
Room 3001
Gabriella Dominguez
Student Athlete Academic Advisor/Instuctor
Room 3001

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