The main building of St. Francis College

SFC Forward | Strategic Vision for 2023

President Martinez-Saenz introduced a 2023 Vision for St. Francis College during his inaugural speech in 2018. Since then, the Planning Council (composed of faculty, students and administrators), with input from the College community and the Board of Trustees, have mapped a strategic plan that will move SFC Forward to realize that vision.

SFC Forward is grounded by essential elements of, and faithfully adheres to, the College’s mission to: 

  • Provide academic excellence at an affordable price
  • Create a diverse learning environment that promotes the dignity of all members of the community
  • Prepare students for a globalized marketplace and society
  • Support a student body that engages in service-oriented leadership and that values social justice and responsibility
  • Graduate students who are technologically prepared
  • Foster a community guided by spiritual and moral values

Each of the SFC strategic priorities are linked to objectives with specific, measurable milestones. While ambitious, these goals are achievable, requiring collaboration and participation across the SFC campus to remain #strongertogether. As a community, we have challenged ourselves to become an increasingly collaborative academic culture that emphasizes excellence and innovation, celebrates diversity, and always brings the Franciscan values of respect and dignity to our work.

Our strategic plan, when successfully executed, will enable the sustained growth and development of SFC for years to come. This plan belongs to everyone who supports and believes in St. Francis College, where we provide opportunities for everyone in our community to dream, serve and achieve. We are proud of our more than 160-year history and look forward to an even brighter future.

Each of the strategic priority areas below reflects SFC’s commitment to its constituents and the communities in which they live and learn.