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Prepare for a Rewarding Career Promoting Mental Health and Welfare

What makes you tick? How do you act in an emergency... at play... in love?

Studying Psychology at St. Francis College takes you on a deep dive inside the human mind to answer these questions and more.

Students conduct their own experiments and present their findings at the College as well as at conferences across the Step inside the human mind to learn why we act.region. You will also have the opportunity to gain real world field experience at internships or by assisting professors with their research.

You have a variety of directions to choose from, including; the psychology of relationships, how different cultures react to psychology, and even how the minds of seals and sea lions tell us about ourselves.

Students who excel in their undergraduate studies can apply for the new combined Masters and Bachelors Degree in Applied Behavioral Psychology. Classes include Advanced Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Behavioral Assessment. This program prepares students for more advanced job placements upon graduation, or can provide an extra year of preparation for application to doctoral programs.

With professors who actively practice in their fields, our students learn the necessary skills to forge a successful career path in mental health, social service, experimental research, business, law, and many other areas.

Study Psychology at St. Francis College