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Charter Day Convocation

April 26, 2024
6 P.M. - 8 P.M.
St. Francis College

The St. Francis College community is invited to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the College's charter. On May 8, 1884, the Legislature of the State of New York granted a Charter to the Board of Trustees of St. Francis Monastery "to establish a literary college in the City of Brooklyn under the title of St. Francis College."

The annual commemoration of Charter Day celebrates the rich tradition and history while honoring the students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

At this year's Convocation, we will pay special tribute to the newest members of the Duns Scotus Honors Society. The Society, named in honor of Franciscan Scholar, the Blessed John Duns Scotus. Election to membership is based on high scholarship standing, participation in extracurricular activities, evidence of loyalty to the ideals of St. Francis College and demonstration of a true Franciscan spirit.

Class of 2023 Inductees:

  • Daniela Hernandez, Political Science
  • Nieves Martinez, Criminal Justice

Class of 2024 Inductees:

  • Anthony Ammirato, Communication Arts
  • Caroline Castillo Cortes, Nursing
  • Daniella Catalano, Adolescent Education
  • Anthony Cerulli, Communication Arts
  • Mauel Diez Teran, Accounting
  • Kayla Drugan, Behavioral Psychology
  • Amal Eldesouky, Biology
  • Onelda Feratovic, Biology and Business Mangement
  • Herta Hada, Political Science
  • Jurneal Jules, Biology
  • Kayla Lebby, Criminal Justice
  • Ximena Lucio Calzada, Mathematics
  • Shaina Marks, Business Management
  • Megan Stafford, Economics
  • Marisol Toxqui, Information Technology
  • Thierry Val, Accounting

Class of 2025 Inductees:

  • Cassie Alcindor, Accounting
  • Yacoub Alokam, Biology
  • Sophia Faustino, Communication Arts
  • Jessica Huang, Psychology
  • Tori Manuel, Communication Arts
  • Jean-Paul Maxi, Accounting
  • Mina Phelopos, Biology
  • Anna Riddo, Creative Writing and Special Education
  • Stiven Vasquez Nunez, Criminal Justice

Class of 2026 Inductees:

  • Emily R. Castillo, Accounting
  • Jesika Hasankolli, Accounting
  • Sheridan Pollonais, Accounting

Honorary Duns Scotus Honor Society Inductee(s)

  • Keith Hoell, Lecturer, Management and Information Technology
  • Timothy Cecere, President

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