The Flexibility of Mixing Liberal Arts with Finance


Looking for a solid foundation for just about any career in the business world? Then Economics is the major for you.

Economics teaches you more than just how a market is created and functions, it teaches you why.

At St. Francis College Economics students compete against top colleges in the region at the annual College Fed Challenge organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. St. Francis recently made the semi-final in this competition.

Our students learn how to incorporate features of the real world into the basic models of how an economy works. The department is particularly strong in its coverage of international economic relations and has helped students gain internships at prestigious United Nations NGOs as well as organizations like the Clinton Foundation.

An Economics degree is flexible and allows students to pursue a variety of career options. Most Economics majors enter the business world, but many are also successful in:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Government
  • Non-profits
  • International relations
  • Academic roles

Economics majors at St. Francis College enjoy the flexibility of a broad liberal arts education, as well as opportunities for more specialized training. Our students can choose from three concentrations within the Economics major:

  • Finance
  • International Economics
  • Public Policy

Many of our graduates also go on to pursue graduate studies in economics as well as business, law, and public administration.

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The Economics major opens the door to a wide range of careers in business, finance, and public policy. Economics majors enjoy the benefits of a broad liberal arts education, allowing students the flexibility needed to advance in today’s rapidly changing job market. In addition, students have the opportunity for more specialized training in finance, international economics, or public policy. Economics is also an appropriate major for students interested in pursuing graduate studies, not only in economics but also in business, law, and public administration.

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Arnold Sparr

Arnold Sparr

Adjunct Professor
Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies
Behrouz Tabrizi

Behrouz Tabrizi

Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies
Kareen Williams

Kareen Williams

Adjunct Professor
Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies

Goals & Objectives

● Provide students with a solid understanding of the principles of economics and the ability to apply these principles to real-world situations.

● Enable students to understand their own roles in the domestic and international economy and the social responsibilities that these roles entail.

● Familiarize students with the magnitude of current economic variables and develop their ability to interpret economic statistics.

● Make students aware of the role that different economic theories and different economic interests play in disagreements over economic policy.

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