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Bachelor's Degrees

Program Name Degree Notes
Accounting (C.P.A. Track), 151-Hour B.S. B.S.
Accounting (C.P.A. Track), Combined B.S./M.S. B.S.
Accounting (Non-C.P.A. Track), 130-Hour B.S. B.S.
Adolescent Education (Biology), B.S. B.S.
Adolescent Education (Chemistry), B.S. B.S.
Adolescent Education (English), B.A. B.A.
Adolescent Education (Mathematics), B.S. B.S.
Adolescent Education (Social Studies), B.A. B.A.
Applied Behavioral Psychology, B.A./M.A. B.A.
Biology, B.S. B.S.
Biomedical Science (Podiatric Medicine) B.S. B.S.
Chemistry (Concentration in Information Technology), B.S. B.S.
Chemistry, B.S. B.S.
Childhood Education (Biology), B.S. B.S.
Childhood Education (English), B.A. B.A.
Childhood Education (Mathematics), B.S. B.S.
Childhood Education (Social Studies), B.A. B.A.
Concentration in Advertising/Public Relations, B.A. B.A.
Concentration in Digital Media: Film, Broadcasting and Journalism, B.A. B.A.
Concentration in English and Communications, B.A. B.A.
Concentration in Performance Studies, B.A. B.A.
Criminal Justice, B.S. B.S.
Economics (Concentration in Finance), B.A. B.A.
Economics, B.A. B.A.
Educational Studies, B.S. B.S.
Entrepreneurship and Organizational Innovation, B.S. B.S.
Exercise and Movement Science, B.S. B.S.
Finance, B.S. B.S.
Flexible RN to B.S. B.S.
Global Studies, B.A. B.A.
Health Care Management, B.S. B.S.
Health Promotion and Science, B.S. B.S.
History, B.A. B.A.
Information Technology, B.S. B.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. B.A.
Literature, Writing & Publishing, B.A. B.A.
Management, B.S. B.S.
Mathematics, B.S. B.S.
Media and Communication, B.A. B.A.
Nursing, B.S. B.S.
Philosophy, B.A. B.A.
Political Science, B.A. B.A.
Pre-Health Professions Programs, B.S. B.S.
Professional Studies, B.S. B.S.
Psychology, B.A. B.A.
Public Health, B.S. B.S.
Radiologic Sciences, B.S. B.S.
Religious Studies, B.A. B.A.
Sociology (Social Work), B.A. B.A.
Sociology, B.A. B.A.
Spanish, B.A. B.A.

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