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Environmental Studies

The Future of the Planet is in Your Hands

At the crossroads between science and liberal arts, minoring in Environmental Studies will help you understand the world we live in from a wide perspective.

Will you help make the world a better place?

Courses in this minor give you an understanding of the science behind the challenges we face, teach you how to solve these problems from a practical, business-oriented point of view, and offer a moral and philosophical view to better understand the impact of the decisions we make.

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The Environmental Studies Minor is a multidisciplinary minor designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the relationship between the environment and society from different perspectives. Its primary objective is to give students an appreciation and understanding of current environmental issues, policies and challenges. At 15 credits, it fits into the free electives for most majors, from the business to the liberal arts to the sciences.


John Dilyard

John Dilyard

Associate Professor
Management & Information Technology, Honors, Environmental Studies
Kathleen Nolan

Kathleen Nolan

Department Chairperson, Professor
Biology & Health Promotion, Honors, Environmental Studies

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In the Spotlight: Brenda Onyango '20

Meet Brenda Onyango, from Nairobi, Kenya. Brenda moved to New York City to enroll in St. Francis in September 2018. A Management major, Brenda's sharpening her business acumen not only through her academic pursuits, but through a summer internship that provides a unique vantage point into the world of New York City finance. Brenda recently spoke about her summer gig and how she made her way from Kenya to St. Francis College.

In the Spotlight: Taris Pittman '20

As a member of the St. Francis Women's Volleyball team, Taris Pittman '20 is used to putting in hard work on the court. But this summer, Taris is seeing another side of sports entirely. The Washington, DC-native is interning with MediaCom, a global brand-building communications company, in its Sports and Entertainment unit. She shared how she landed the gig and what's she learning there.

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