Studying history helps students become informed citizens


Understanding the Past to Make a Better Future

Critical thinking, communication, writing, and researching are some of the most important skills companies look for in a new hire.

They are also precisely the skills you learn when you become a History major at St. Francis College.

History majors learn the skills most in demand by companies in a wide variety of fields.

Students at St. Francis venture outside the classroom to see History up close. They develop online projects and work with original archival materials

at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Looking back at the institutional and cultural forces that have shaped history is an excellent way of understanding the modern world and leads to the developing the following skills:

  • Framing a hypothesis
  • Gathering evidence
  • Looking for patterns and relationships
  • Exploring alternative methods and interpretations
  • Articulating arguments and conclusions clearly and persuasively

History majors go on to become excellent teachers and lawyers but they also do exceptionally well in fields as diverse as government, business or information technology.