St. Francis College

Honors Program

With small seminars and highly motivated peers, the St. Francis College Honors Program lets you get the most out of your academic experience.

With classmates as intellectually curious as yourself, you'll have the opportunity to complete enriching projects and dive deep into a subject that matters to you. Honors programs students can partake in field trips, Study Abroad programs, and have the option to present yours Honors Thesis at regional Honors Conferences.

Each year Freshman Seminars focus on a single theme such as the American Civil War, sustainable environment, or the evolution of our digital society. These topics are strengthened with guest lecturers and special events including the Dr. Francis J. Greene Honors Lecture Series.

The Honors Program is about more than academics, though, as students become part of the larger Brooklyn community through volunteering at local organizations.

Find out how you can become part of the Honors Program by contacting Program Director Sara Rzeszutek by email:

Why Join the Honors Program?

  • Participate in field trips and study abroad opportunities
  • Attend regional honors conferences
  • Complete enriching projects and dive deep into a subject that matters to you
  • Partake in volunteer opportunities
  • Engage in seminar style courses offered in a wide variety of disciplines
  • Conduct original research and explore perspective on existing theories, concepts and ideas

Who is Eligible?

  • Accepted to SFC
  • 90+ GPA
  • First time freshman accepted for the Fall Semester

How to Apply:

  • Submit your application to St. Francis College
  • Complete and submit your Scholarship Day Essay
  • Complete and submit your Honors Program Application
  • Attend our Scholarship Day Event to participate in an interview with a member of our Honors Council

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • Friday, January 21 - Scholarship Day Essay Due
  • Saturday, January 29 - Priority Scholarship Day

**All students apply to the Honors Program will have their essays automatically entered into our Scholarship Day Competition. All essays will be reviewed for the chance to win one of four full tuition scholarships**