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Understanding Who We Are and the World We Share

The Philosophy Department at St. Francis College takes up this challenge. Students are asked to address fundamental questions confronting human beings in the historical record and today.

Answering our biggest questions isn’t easy. Philosophy is what happens when we take such questions seriously. The Department prides itself on its prestigious, decades-old history, its outstanding faculty and their challenging courses.

Students receive a sound foundation for graduate study in philosophy but also in medicine, law, literature, history and theology, indeed in any field or profession that demands developed analytical skills and promotes human transformation.

Philosophy Helps:

  • Develop the aim of inquiring minds;
  • Foster a spirit of historical sensitivity, sympathy and wonder;
  • Guide the pursuit of truth in a rational way;
  • Sharpen intellectual ability; and
  • Formulate principles for considered, meaningful action in service of self-constitution.

Philip Marshall ’09 shares how a degree in Philosophy can make all the difference:

“My job search finally paid off two months ago after an extensive two-month interview process.... I think you will be happy to know that my company was very impressed that I have a philosophy degree. One of the well-respected managers who conducted my initial interview was a philosophy major in college as well. He asked me during my first interview how philosophy would inform my approach to work in the industry. It felt so good to be able to talk freely about how a philosophical approach to reality informs me.”