SFC Professor in student lounge.

Physical Education

Make the World a Healthier Place

A sound body leads to a sound mind. Becoming a Physical Education teacher is an amazing way to reach thousands of children and help make the world a healthier place. A sound body leads to a sound mind.

The Physical Education Major is part of the Education Department and boosts a highly successful track record, putting many students on the path for a variety of careers.

Many graduates have gone on to earn their New York State Teacher’s Certification in Physical Education and are now teaching in New York City public and private schools as well as across the region. Others pursue careers as personal and team trainers, coaches, sports psychologists and physical therapists.

Physical Education Majors learn about:

  • Kinesiology,
  • Biomechanics,
  • Psychology of Sport,
  • Motor Learning,
  • Adapted PE

Topics covered include:

  • The study of human movement,
  • Exercise physiology,
  • Legal concepts,
  • Practical teaching skills,
  • and, Assessment of physical education