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Political Science

Are You Tomorrow's Leader?

The Rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders has brought politics front and center to millions of Americans. But do you understand the meaning behind their message?

The study of Political Science will help you decode what candidates are saying and teach you what it means to be a strong leader.

At St. Francis College, Poli Sci majors can focus on international relations, comparative politics, and American government. You will also learn about the development and function of governments, and the behavior of rulers throughout history.

Learn critical thinking skills in:

  • Logic
  • Writing
  • Analysis

These are tools that Political Science majors use to succeed in law, politics, advocacy, and public relations. You will also have a solid foundation for a career in public policy and in local, state, and national government.

Our students intern at:

  • Law firms
  • City, State, and U.S. Courts
  • Government Offices in New York City, New York State, and the U.S. Congress
  • Non-governmental organizations, such as the United Nations

Other opportunities include internships with some of the numerous museums and historical societies in New York City; a summer study abroad program; participation in the Model United Nations; and activities through the St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society such as mock trial, lawyers’ luncheon, LSAT preparation, and workshop on applying to law schools.