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Psychology BA/MA

Start Your Career or Prepare for a Doctorate


Psychology Masters Degree students have two choices as they pursue their degree. They can research for a thesis, putting them in excellent positions to apply for a Doctorate or they can gain real-world experience in Applied Psychology and embark on their career.

*Only enrolled SFC undergraduate students can apply to the BA/MA program in psychology.

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Why choose a BA/MA in Psychology?
A Master's degree in psychology can open a number of doors to career opportunities. The program includes foundation courses in:

  • group and individual counseling theory,
  • behavioral assessment and intervention,
  • professional and ethical procedures,
  • and, cognitive neuroscience and research.

In the second year, students will either complete a Master’s thesis (for students with research interests and career goals or who are seeking doctoral program admission) or practicum experiences (consisting of community practicum opportunities supplemented by classroom supervision) for those who have applied aspirations.

**In addition, students who graduate from our MA program are automatically accepted into Alfred University’s Certificate of Advanced Study in Mental Health Counseling program. Completion of this certificate allows students to be eligible for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor.

Learn more about the Alfred University Partnership with St. Francs College BA/MA & MA programs in Psychology.

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Possible career paths include:
  • Community Therapist,
  • Youth & Family Counseling,
  • Behavioral Coach (medication/nutrition compliance),
  • Substance Abuse Counselor,
  • Juvenile Aggression Counseling,
  • Women's Shelter Counselor,
  • Protective Order Case Manager, and
  • Clinical Administration
What Classes will I take?
36 credits: 30 credits of coursework and
  1. Thesis track – 6 credit thesis
  2. Applied track – 6 credit practicum

Year One (Fall)
Psychological Aspects of Disabilities
Psychological Assessment
History & Systems*
Natural Science*

Year Two (Fall)
Foundations of Counseling Theory & Practice
Group Theory and Counseling
Behavioral Assessment and Intervention
Thesis Supervision/Practicum I

Year One (Spring)
Learning and Motivation
Psychology of Diversity
Psychology Elective*

Year Two (Spring)
Cognitive Neuroscience
Advanced Experimental Psychology & Statistics
Professional Issues and Ethics
Graduate Seminar
Thesis Supervision/Practicum II

*Completion of BA requirements.

Who is Eligible?

Junior level students with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher and whose grades in all courses in the psychology major are C or higher.

What do I do next?
Applications should include the following:

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Application/Transcript (Download Application Now)
  • Personal statement
  • Satisfactory personal interview
  • Research Writing Sample

Interested students should submit all application materials in person or by mail to:

Dr. Kristy Biolsi
Department Chair

Dr. Karen Wilson
Director of Graduate Programs in Psychology

St. Francis College
180 Remsen Street
Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201


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Jason Alicea

Jason Alicea

Adjunct Professor
Steven Anolik

Steven Anolik

Kristy Biolsi

Kristy Biolsi

Department Chairperson
Sharon Bourgeois

Sharon Bourgeois

Adjunct Professor
Marisa Cohen

Marisa Cohen

Associate Professor
Danielle Difilippo

Danielle Difilippo

Adjunct Professor

Laura Egan

Assistant Professor
Uwe Gielen

Uwe Gielen

Director, Institute for International & Cross Cultural Psychology, Professor Emeritus
Renée Goodstein

Renée Goodstein

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