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Women's Studies

An in Depth Look at What it Means to be a Woman


The contributions women have made to society are numerous, but so often forgotten or downplayed. Courses in Women's Studies at St. Francis College reclaim and re-frame the meaning of women's roles and achievements.

The minor in Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary tract that looks at history, sociology, culture and much more as a way to understand the ways in which sex and gender function in our world.

The Women’s Studies Minor is an outstanding complement to any major, helping students learn to examine topics such as work, parenthood and creativity through the lens of gender.

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The minor in Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study focusing on the roles of women and gender in society. By looking at the biological, psychological, and social aspects of women and gender within different cultures and professions, the minor endeavors to highlight women’s contributions to literature, the arts, and the sciences. An integration of coursework and cultural events will deepen an appreciation for women’s struggle for independence and equality and for the way gender operates in daily life.

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Wendy Galgan

Wendy Galgan

Department Chairperson, Associate Professor, Co-Director for the Women's Center/Women's Studies Minor, Director, Women’s Poetry Initiative
Women's Studies, English, American Studies
Sara Rzeszutek

Sara Rzeszutek

Associate Professor, Director, Women's and Gender Studies Minor, Director, The Center for Women's & Gender Studies
Women's Studies, Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies, American Studies

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This is a Time For Us to Be Bold - President Martinez-Saenz Lays Out Vision for St. Francs College

In a deeply personal address with anecdotes about his family and an exploration of the mission of college education in the modern day, St. Francis College President Miguel Martinez-Saenz laid out an ambitious plan setting the College on a path of growth and transformation.

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The Inauguration of President Miguel Martinez-Saenz

The words of poet Maya Angelou were the first ones uttered by President Miguel Martinez-Saenz to a standing room only crowd of prospective students and their parents at the St. Francis College Open House in October. They knew, right away, this new president was energized with new ways to engage and educate the entire college community.

Now a few months into his tenure as the 19th President in its 160 year history, St. Francis College is proud to announce a series of events celebrating the inauguration of President Miguel Martinez-Saenz.

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Women's Studies Center

The Women’s Studies Center opened at St. Francis College in July 2007. The Center seeks to produce socially aware and interested citizens to further advance equity and opportunities for all individuals. Through an interdisciplinary, inclusive approach, those involved with the Center work to secure funding to support student/faculty research and projects related to the intellectual and practical challenges – past, current and, future – posed by gender and faced by women in particular. Women’s global and political issues are addressed through strong leadership and activism. The Center also serves the larger community by raising awareness of gender issues through workshops, lectures and related cultural events and projects.

The Women’s Studies Center operates in cooperation with the Women’s Studies Minor. While the Women’s Studies Minor is an academic program with scholarship at its foundation, the Women’s Studies Center has "action" as its cornerstone to support the academic endeavors of the minor. In doing so, the Center strives to strengthen alliances both within and outside of St. Francis College to promote awareness and make positive contributions to the lives of women and those around them.

Office: Room 6003
Phone: 718.489.3441
Co-Directors: Dr. Wendy Galgan

Dr. Sara Rzeszutek Haviland

Goals & Objectives

  • Develop an historical perspective of women and their struggles for independence and equality.
  • Understand the role of gender in culture and society.
  • Examine gender roles and balance of power differentials across different settings.
  • Endorse critical thinking and writing about women/gender issues as they are reflected in various disciplines.
  • Promote cultural events that support an appreciation for women and their roles in cultures, societies, and institutions.

Learn about Program Requirements in the Course Catalogue