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St. Francis College has a proud heritage of preparing students to take their places as leaders in their fields and to become contributing members of society.

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Brianna Rios

Class of 2017
Education Major
World Championship Salsa Dancer

Brianna Rios

Class of 2017, Education

Brianna chose St. Francis College for the small classes and family atmosphere. Her major in Physical Education is preparing her for a life teaching others.

It's one way she wants to share her skills and experience as a professional salsa dancer.

Melissa Jagdharry

Class of 2018
BS/MS in Accounting

Melissa Jagdharry

Class of 2018,BS/MS in Accounting

“I look up to my professors tremendously, especially my accounting professors. They have given me so much guidance already in helping me understand what I need to do to achieve my goals. ”

Phil Taitt

Class of 2015
Communications/ P.R. & Advertising

Phil Taitt

Class of 2015, Communications/ P.R. & Advertising

St. Francis College provided Phil with the tools to develop and launch his own TV show. "It's never too early to start your career."

Dr. Kathleen Nolan

Biology Department Chairperson

Dr. Kathleen Nolan

Department Chairperson, Professor

Dr. Nolan taught biology at a variety of New York area colleges before joining St. Francis College, including Yeshiva University, Columbia University, Iona College and LaGuardia Community College. She teaches General Biology, Ecology, Genetics and other topics with research focused on environmental biology and aquatic ecosystems. Meet our faculty

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Featured News

St. Francis College welcomed Fred and Jacob Siegel on October 11, 2016 for a talk about Donald Trump and the rise of the Alt-Right as part of the Fall 2016 Senior Lecture Series - Inequality and Minorities in American Culture.

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When prospective college students come to the St. Francis College Open House this Sunday, October 23 from 10:00am to 2:00pm, they'll be able to meet the professors and administrators that will be teaching and guiding them if they choose to attend. But for some, more importantly, they'll meet the students who will be their classmates; examples of all that's possible while studying at St. Francis College.

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St. Francis College welcomed Alyce McGovern on October 4, 2016 to talk about Sexting and Young People as part of the Fall 2016 Senior Citizen Lecture Series: Inequality and Monorities in American Culture.

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St. Francis College welcomed journalist, editor, and translator Debbie Nathan for the Fall 2016 Senior Lecture Series - Inequality and Minorities in American Culture to talk about The Life and Death of Sandra Bland on September 27, 2016.

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Hear From Our Alumni & Friends

Jack Binks

Class of 2016, BA English & BA/MA Psychology

From a small town in the north east of England, Jack Binks came to St. Francis College as a transfer student and has led the Division I soccer team to two straight conference championships.

Dean Brown

Class of 2010, BA in Psychology

I chose St Francis because I needed a radical change. I wanted a school that had a Division I athletic program where I could build my athletic career and foster a successful academic career. I wanted a school that provided easy access to professors and one with a tight knit, helpful culture.

Kenneth Daly

Class of 1988, President, National Grid, New York

“A goal of mine is to pay St. Francis back for the scholarship Brother George gave me. Part of that is with contributions, but what I enjoy most is working with the students.”

Theresa Franchi

Class of 2016, BS/MS in Accounting

"As an Endowed Scholarship recipient I have learned so much about the spirit of giving. It's not about what we can do for ourselves. It's about what we can do for others and our community."