callahan gallery

Callahan Center Art Gallery

The Callahan Center features works from local and regional artists in a variety of artistic styles.

All exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Art Gallery Hours

Please Note: The gallery is a public space and while building hours are 7:00am - 11:00pm daily, there may be events scheduled at a time you'd like to visit. To avoid any problems with viewing the current exhibit please call the Concierge at 718.489.5322.

For information on scheduled exhibitions and receptions, please email

Past Artists

Calendar of Upcoming Shows

The Callahan Center Art Gallery is booked for more than a year in advance. The schedule for future show is listed below but may be subject to change.

Date Artist
May 2018 Michelline Gringas

June 2018

Linda Andrei

July 2018 Julie Roggi
August 2018

Brooklyn Water Color Society

September 2018 Josephine Herrick Project: Enhancing Lives Through Photography

October 2018 St. Francis College Hispanic Heritage Month Art Show

November 2018 Art by the Cobble Hill Health Center

December 2018 Julian Rapp
January 2019 Art in the Lab Exhibition

February 2019

Art in the Lab Exhibition

Please Note: Inquiries to host an art exhibition at the Callahan Center Art Gallery are not being accepted at this time. We will post a reservation form in this space when we open the schedule again.


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